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since April 16, 2012


Learning project management while helping the community

Every year, Poly House renovates the home of a local family struggling with issues related to disabilities. The project gives students an opportunity to learn project planning and management, help those in need and gain exposure to the benefits of community service.

This year, we hope to help three families in the San Luis Obispo Community.

One of the families has a son in his 30's that is quadriplegic. His parents must transport him everywhere around the house and, as they age, it becomes increasingly difficult to care for their son. They will eventually want to convert their residence into an assisted living home to support others and be able to continue living with their son.

The second family is a 20 year-old man, who has minimal use of his legs and left arm, and his mother. Now that the son is older, the mother is having a hard time taking care of him on her own. This team's goal is to add a track (and facilitate necessary renovations) that will allow him to have easier access to the restroom, living room, and kitchen without his mother's help.

The third team of students is working with a family in Paso Robles that has two disabled sons. Once son is able to move around the house in his motorized wheelchair while the other son has no muscle function and relies on other people pushing him around in his wheelchair. This team plans to install a lift to transport one sone from his bed into his wheelchair and possibly around the house. In addition, they will attempt to make the house more wheelchair friendly by widening halls and doorways and installing hardwood floors.

The class objective as a whole is to plan and facilitate the execution of the house improvements for all three families and build collaborative partnerships for the program's long-term success. It is ambitious - especially planning and implementing three separate projects - but we know that we can accomplish our goals with your help.