Helpful Stuff

The first thing you need is a third party ftp software to access the files on the server. I recommend FileZilla, which you can download for free. But any ftp software will do.

The next thing you need is a text editor to edit the HTML files. I recommend Notepad++, but once again, any software will do.

The main folders in the server you will be concerned with are in the "www/new/" folder. From there you can gain access to the webpages, html files, pictures and stuff. You can actually see this in the url from the hompage: "http://polyhouse.org/new/home/index.php". The index.php file (in the /home/ folder) is the code that runs when you load polyhouse.org

Quick Questions

Do I need to know coding to update the website?

Do I need to know coding to do anything besides updating the website?

Walkthrough Of How To Update, Say, The Donor Page

If you've never done it before, go to the home page of Polyhouse.org and (if you're using Chrome or Firefox) right click and select view page source or view source code. (If you're using IE go to View menu tab then select view source code.) This is the code that the browser converts into the website that you see. One of the first things the code does is call the CSS style, called mainStyle.css and navStyle.css. Then the page loads the tabs across the top and the sidebar links. Finally the information for the year's Polyhouse client is loaded. All of this HTML code is coming from several files on the server.

Now go to the Donor page and view that source code. Towards the bottom you can see several large paragraphs with links, these are the image links for the donor logos. The url will tell you where to find that html file: "/new/donors/index.php"

All you need to do to update the donor page is change the image link to the correct logo or the text to the correct name. Easy, right?

    Let's go through this step-by-step.
  1. Connect to the server through FileZilla (or what-have-you).
  2. Download the "/new/donors/index.php" to your computer.
  3. Get the most current list of donors from Roya.
  4. Change the Donor page to a new file. Update the sidebar.
  5. Add the new Donors to the "index.html" file.
  6. Upload the completed "index.html" file to the server through FileZilla.
  7. Load the Donor page to see if you were successful.
  8. Make adjustments.
  9. Success!